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April 28, 2012 -

Lots of New Pics from Linka Modellers!

It's been a while since our last update and we have a backlog of some great pictures submitted by Linka World modellers to share.

First-up are some pictures submitted by Mr. Richard Young. You may recognize his name as the designer of many of the original Linka Systems model kits, including the Brick Terrace, Stone Terrace, Corner Store, and Country Inn. Another design he produced was the Corner Cafe, shown here:

Unfortunately, the design with it's angled walls and roof sections was deemed "too complicated" for a basic model and never made it to production. The picture above is the actual prototype Mr. Young produced for Linka Systems.

Mr. Young also created Hall House, a model he produced for the UK magazine, Military Modelling in 1989:

Here's a picture showing all the parts that went into the Hall House building:

Mr. Young's last picture is of a pair of low-relief buildings he created:

I think these are terrific because they show another use for Linka beyond full-scale scenery.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with "low-relief" buildings, they are often used as background for other, large-scale dioramas or railway layouts. They add texture and realism to the background while not taking up as much space as a full-scale structure.

Thank you Mr. Young for all of your pictures and the great information on the history of Linka as well!

The next update comes to us from Mr. Dave Lamping. Mr. Lamping sends us a pair of pictures of his own Shire Post Office building:

A really nice model, and terrific use of the brickwork moulds - Thank you Mr. Lamping!

Our last update for today comes to us from Mr. Jesper Hvid. He sends us some great little models for tabletop scenery:

But the best part of these models is that they feature removable roofs and upper stories so that the interiors can be used for gaming as well:

Thank you, Mr. Hvid!  These pictures illustrate the versatility of the Linka moulds and should provide some great inspiration for gamers.

We have many more great pictures to share in the coming weeks.



March 20, 2010

A new Retailer for the UK!

We are pleased to welcome the addition of a new retailer for our UK customers:  Walden Models in Essex!  You can find them on our "Where to Buy" page or directly by clicking on this link.  Welcome aboard!

We have also updated a link on our "Linka Links" page to include a new plaster and arts supplier recommended by Mr. E. Edwards of the UK.  Maragon Arts and Crafts is a great shop. They even offer free plaster samples - be sure to check them out!

We also have a couple of new pictures submitted over the past few weeks.  The first are from Jay Goller and they show a few new possibilities for Linka including using them for very small scale figures and scenery (Thank you Mr. Goller):


The next pics are from Massimo Delfino of Italy.  These photos show a couple of buildings (one stone, one timber) with a few 1/72 scale figures for reference (Thank you Mr. Delfino):


The next set of pictures were submitted by Mr. Mike Swanson and his children, Richard and Elanor, of England.  They built this castle as part of a school project (Thank you Richard and Elanor - and Mr. Swanson too):


This next update comes from Dave.  Here's a link to his site:  DaveInTheHat. Dave's site has a ton of great model-building photos and examples - especially a few terrific buildings made with Linka like this one:

Thank you Dave for letting us post these pics on our site.  Be sure to check out the great buildings at DaveInTheHat!


Our final update is a link to a YouTube video sent to us by Brian Moretti showing his method for pouring and casting Linka.  Thank you Brian!


December 20, 2009 -

A new Distributor and Retailer for South Africa!

We are very pleased to announce the addition of a new distributor and retailer for our South African customers:  Dream Trains!  You can find them on our "Where to Buy" page or directly by clicking on this link.  Welcome aboard!


July 3, 2009 -

Happy Birthday Linka World!

It was six years ago today that we received the first Linka moulds from the factory and began filling all of the pre-orders we had taken since we announced we were reintroducing the Linka moulds in March 2003.  Thank you to all of our loyal customers!


December 30, 2008 -

A New UK Retailer

We are happy to announce a new Linka retailer, just in time for the New Year.  Bridgwater Model Railway in Bridgwater, Somerset will be stocking Linka moulds in January.  Welcome aboard!


September 19, 2008 -

We have a new online retailer in Finland, Battle Accessories.  In addition to our Linka moulds, they also sell other scenery, modeling, and hobby supplies.  they ship to all EU countries as well as Russia.  Look for their contact information on our Where to Buy page.

Thanks to many of you for submitting pictures recently.  Here are the ones we received over the past few months.


The first pictures are from Mr. Aiden Whittaker and show how Linka can be used to build a whole town:

Thank you Mr. Whittaker.

The next pictures come from Mr. Dan Dagenais.  We actually received these pictures over a year ago but due to a problem with our computers, they were inadvertently lost until just recently.  Our thanks to Mr. Dagenais for these great shots of a bunker built with Linka Stone moulds:

Next up, we have a bunch of great pictures from Emanuele Piscitello of Sicily.  This is the second batch of photos he's sent us.  The first shots are of a large castle keep built with our stone moulds:

These next shots are of several ruined, battle-damaged houses built with our brick moulds:

Thanks once more to Mr. Piscitello!

Our next contribution comes from Mr. Al Griffin and show the ruins of a castle keep made with our stone moulds:

Thank you Mr. Griffin!

The next photos come from Mr. Markus Goebel and show a couple of very nice buildings made with our stone moulds:

Thank you Mr. Goebel!

Our final submission comes from Mr. James Coleman and shows how our moulds can even be used to make table-top scenery in smaller scales like Flames of War:

Thank you to Mr. Coleman and to everyone who took the time to share their creations with us!




April 12, 2008 -

New Pictures
We have a couple of terrific pictures from Emanuele Piscitello of Sicily.  It's a great example of applying a skim coat of plaster over the stone facing to achieve a weathered, aged effect:

Thank you Emanuele!


Next up, we have a couple of pictures submitted by Jessica Stewart (age 11) of a project she made for school (with a little help from her uncle Matthew Wooton):

We think the castle looks fantastic!  Many thanks to Ms. Stewart for her contribution.  Great job!


We had some computer difficulty over the holidays that prevented us from posting these great pictures from Russell Bance.  These photos show some buildings that were made by Mr. Bance and raffled off in a fund-rasier:

The buildings look warm and cozy, but it appears as though Santa may be having some difficulties:

Our heartiest thanks to Mr. Bance for sharing these great pictures with us.


New German Retailer

Welcome to our newest German retailer, Fantasy Laden.  They carry the complete line of Linka moulds as well as some other great table-top and fantasy scenery.  Check them out by clicking on their link above or on our Where to Buy page.


New Building Plans
Once again, our deepest thanks and appreciation to Mr. Robert Van De Velde for submitting more of the old Thomas Salter building plans for us.  He has even translated the plans into his native French, including the basic instruction sheets and mould number information (the instructions are included on our Using Linka page and will be absolutely necessary to use the old Thomas Salter plans, as these all reference the casting numbers in the instructions).  Here's the second installment of a very large batch of plans he sent us (note:  files are in Adobe Acrobat):

English Plans French Plans

Castle Keep and Castle Sections

Tunnel Mouth

Farmhouse and Buildings

Castle Keep and Castle Sections (French)

Tunnel Mouth (French)

Farmhouse and Buildings (French)

Mr. Van De Velde has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into scanning, cleaning, and translating these plans and we thank him very much for all his time and patience!


Our next update comes from Mr. Terry Driver.  He made this barn scaled to 28mm using only the S1 Stonework mould (the roof was made from cardstock).  It's a terrific example of how Linka can be used with larger scales:

That's all the updates for today - more to follow soon!




September 15, 2007 -

New Deals
We are pleased to offer special discounts on bundled packs of our moulds.  We now offer the brick, stone, and roof moulds in special discounted sets.  We also have a great deal when ordering one of each mould!  And, to make the deal even sweeter, we now offer free shipping on all orders of $100 USD or more - even international shipping!


Be sure to check out our order page for more information.

March 5, 2007 -

New Distributor
We are very pleased to announce that TerraScenic is now the sole distributor for retail customers for Linka moulds in the UK, Europe, and Australia. 

They will continue to offer their personalized service to existing and new retail customers as well as extending the same great service to the Trade.

For retailers in the UK, Europe, and Australia interested in placing orders or acquiring further information, please contact: 

Gary at  (UK & Europe)
Helen at  (Australia)


New Building Plans
Our deepest thanks and appreciation to Mr. Robert Van De Velde.  He has spent countless hours scanning, cleaning, and (in some cases) translating the old Thomas Salter building plans for us.  He translated several into his native French, including the basic instruction sheets and mould number information.  The instructions are included here as well as on our Using Linka page and will be absolutely necessary to use the old Thomas Salter plans, as these all reference the casting numbers in the instructions.  Here's the first of a very large batch he sent us (note:  files are in Adobe Acrobat):

English Plans French Plans

Regency House



Instructions & Mould Numbers

Regency House (French)

Cottage (French)

Footbridge (French)

Instructions & Mould Numbers (French)

As a bonus, Mr. Van De Velde has also sent us the much sought after La Haye Sainte plans (in English only) - the French farmhouse from the Battle of Waterloo.

As an extra bonus, we also have plans for bombed out houses for use in dioramas and/or tabletop wargaming in both English and French.  The picture below shows it in the foreground along with some ruined Regency House buildings in the background.

Mr. Van De Velde has put a tremendous amount of time and effort into these plans and we thank him very much for his time and patience!


Our next update is so impressive and so detailed, we had to create a separate Webpage just to show it all!  Mr. Derek Shaw sent us his model of Jervaulx Abbey.  (Click on the link or the picture below to view the page)

It is a stunning achievement measuring 2 1/2 yards by 1 1/2 yards and representing nearly five years of work.  It is truly remarkable and we thank Mr. Shaw for sending this to us.

Mr. Shaw originally sent us these pictures in March 2006, but we misplaced them and only recently came across the photos when cleaning out our files.  Our apologies to Mr. Shaw for the delay in posting the pictures to our site.


Next we have the latest submission from Mr. Thomas Krug - his log cabin plan:

Mr. Krug is a regular contributor whose many earlier plans can be found on our Building Plans page.

As a holiday bonus, Mr. Krug also sent along a small Nativity he created using the Linka stone moulds and some 1/72 scale Nativity figures:

Many thanks to Mr. Krug for his latest creations!


That's all the updates for today, but there are more to follow soon!


May 16, 2006 -

We have a few quick updates today.  Mr. Robert Van De Velde has sent us a few pictures of his excellent layout showing many different buildings and structures made from Linka (note:  files are in Adobe Acrobat):

Electrical Engine House

Bavarian City


Mr. Van De Velde has also scanned and cleaned up several of the old Thomas Salter Linka building plans for us as well:

Timber Fort

Lineside Railway Buildings

Chalet (Log Cabin)

These are the first of many that he is currently working on for us.  Many thanks to Mr. Van De Velde for all his hard work!


We also added a new link on our Linka Links page to Grandt Line Products, a supplier of small plastic pieces (windows, doors, pillars, etc.) suitable for use with Linka.


We have also made some general updates to our Gallery and Plan Sheets pages (just some light housekeeping).  We've also updated our "Scale" section at the bottom of this page (scroll to the bottom to see Linka with various size figures for scale).


March 3, 2006 -

We have several new updates for Linka World including several new pictures and two new building plan sheets.

First up are the new pictures and plan sheets from Mr. Thomas Krug of Austria.  Mr. Krug was kind enough to send us three models and plan sheets last October (now viewable on our Plan Sheets page and in our Linka Gallery) and these latest models continue his high quality work:

Blacksmith (Picture | Plan Design)

Farmhouse2 (Picture | Plan Design)

And as a wonderful bonus, Mr. Krug has also taken the time to provide the detailed building plans to go with the designs:

Once again, outstanding models, and outstanding plans!  Many thanks to Mr. Krug!

Next up, we have some amazing pictures of ruins built by Mr. Shaun Broderick for Warhammer 40K:

Mr. Broderick gives a little background on his creation:  "This is a model I made for Warhammer 40K.It was made using a combination of Linka components, polystyrene ceiling tiles, foam board & balsa.  It took approximately a week to build & another week to paint."

These pictures show the versatility of Linka for use with larger scale 28-30mm figures.  Thank you, Mr. Broderick for sharing your pictures with us!

Our next picture is from Mrs. Carole Palmer of the UK.  She sent us a picture of an original design she made with the Thomas Salter Linka moulds.  As you can see, it has held up well over the years:

It's a very creative use of Linka brick moulds combined with a plastering effect on the lower floor.  Many thanks to Mrs. Palmer for sending us this picture!

And finally, we have an update for our new Linka retailer in Germany:  Legends Fine Scale Art and Miniature Models have launched their Website.  You can place orders with them directly via this site.  Click on our Where to Buy link at left for more information.


October 21, 2005 -

Three more new pictures thanks to Thomas Krug of Austria.  And as a wonderful bonus, Mr. Krug has also taken the time to provide the detailed building plans to go with the designs:

Farmhouse (Picture | Plan Design)

Country Inn (Picture | Plan Design)

Medieval Stone Church (Picture | Plan Design)


Outstanding models, and outstanding plans!  Many thanks to Mr. Krug!


We have also added a new Linka retailer for Germany:  Legends Fine Scale Art and Miniature Models.  They do not currently have a Website, but expect to have one up very soon.  In the meantime, contact Oliver Werbeck via e-mail to place your order.  You can click on our Where to Buy link at left for more information.

September 19, 2005 -

We have some new pictures and many new Linka retailers in the UK and Australia.  These include GSM Models and TerraScenic (in the UK) and Battlefield Accessories and TerraScenic-Australia (in Australia).  Click on our "Where to Buy" link at left for more information!

Here are some pictures from Mike Parker at Battlefield Accessories showing what can be done with broken Linka castings:


Welcome to our newest Linka retailers!

April 20, 2005 -

New Pictures!  Many thanks to the many Linka fans who have contributed pictures for our gallery.  We've had some of these for a while now - our apologies for not putting them up sooner.


First up is a great original building built in profile from Mr. Robert Sakaluk.  This was a test piece for Mr. Sakaluk to try out the moulds.  The figures and accessories in the fore-ground are 28mm and show how the stone moulds can also be used for the larger scale:


The next contribution comes from Mr. Russell Bance of Australia.  It's built on the classic "Stone Church" plans and has been completed with many nice detail pieces.  Click on the pictures for a close-up:

November 18, 2004 - And the Winners are...

Our 2nd Annual Linka World Competition has come to an end!  The votes have been tallied and the winners determined:

Linka World Best Building Plans Competition:

Winner - Tony Hughes for his Contest Entry 2 - Reiver's Tower

Runner-up - Thomas Krüg for his Contest Entry 1 - Medieval Church


Linka World Best Construction Competition:

Winner -  Aidan Boustred for his Entry D - Brick Building

Runner-up - Thomas Krüg for his Entry C - Medieval Church


Congratulations to the winners and a hearty "Thank You" to all those who entered.  You can review the details of the voting at the Linka Newsgroup bulletin board.


Thanks to everyone for voting!

August 26 -

Get ready for the 2nd Annual Linka World Building Competition!

Many of you may remember our competition from last year.  For those of you who don't, there were two separate contests; one for the best Linka building or structure and one for the best original Linka building plan sheet.

This year's contests will be the same, but with different prizes.  Last year, we awarded Linka World gift certificates to the two winners and the two runner-ups in each category.  This year, we will award gift certificates to the top two contestants in each category.  First prize in each category will be a $75 USD gift certificate.  The runner-up in each category receives a $25 USD gift certificate.  That's four prizes in all for a total of $200 USD!

You can read all the contest rules and details on our contest page.  You can also click on the "2004 CONTEST!" link on the navigation bar.

You can enter as many times as you like, but you can only win once in each category.  To enter, send your plan designs and pictures of completed Linka structures to us by clicking on this link:

Send Contest Entries Here

So start looking over our Plan Sheets and Gallery pages for ideas and then GET TO WORK!  All entries must be received before midnight on October 31, 2004.  Thanks for entering!

NOTE:  We also added last year's plan sheet contest winners to our Plan Sheets page.  Somehow, we overlooked these great designs all year.  While they were available on our server all this time, they were difficult to find as they were buried under a link to a link to a link.  They are now prominently displayed on our Plan Sheets page.

August 3 - Sale Extended!

Due to overwhelming response and numerous requests, we are extending our anniversary sale until midnight on Saturday, August 7.  There is still time to take advantage of this great offer:


on all moulds ordered between now and August 7.  In addition, we are also offering


on orders of $100 USD or more.  The discount and free shipping will be applied to your order automatically when you use our easy order page.  It's our way of saying thank you for a great first year!

July 1 - Happy Birthday Linka World!

One year ago on July 3, we received our first shipment of moulds from the factory.  After nearly 10 years, Linka moulds were available once again.

To celebrate our first year in business, we are offering a 10% DISCOUNT on all moulds ordered during the month of July.  In addition, we are also offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100 USD or more.  It's our way of saying thank you for a great first year!

We also have received a bunch of new pictures from Mr. Kelvin Davis and his two sons, Mr. Michael Cosgrove and his daughter, Mr. Matt Dow, and Mr. Duncan Colby.  Check them out on our Gallery page.  As always, a hearty "Thank You" to all of our contributors!

May 5 - We received several new pictures on our Gallery page from Mr. Kelvin Davis and his two sons (ages 9 & 10).  They are listed under our Stonework examples.  Thank you to Mr. Davis and his sons for their great contribution!

April 6 - We received some more very nice feedback from our customers.  Thank you very much to everyone who contacted us.  To all of our previous customers:  Please let us know how you are doing.  Send us pictures of your Linka projects - we would love to see them!

January 24, 2004 - Happy New Year!  It's been a while since our last update, but we do have a couple of nice features.  First, we've added a translation link to our page (at left) to allow visitors to translate our site into one of eight other languages (courtesy of Babelfish).

We've also added a couple of extra ways to make it easier for our customers to pay online using their credit card.  In addition to PayPal, you can now place an order using our Standard Order Form, and then send the payment automatically using TravelersExpress or Western Union.  Both options allow you to send a money order via First-Class mail directly to Linka World.

December 12 - We have a lot of great news to share.  We've added a Where to Buy page to show our first official Linka retailers!  One is in Texas and the other is in Australia.  Although you can always order directly from Linka World, be sure to check out the other great deals these merchants have to offer.  Be sure to tell them you found them through Linka World!

The other link is to Miniatures Etc. - This site sells pre-cast Linka pieces for each of our 18 rubber moulds.  Purchasing the pre-cast pieces saves time and allows you to preview our moulds before you buy.  So whether you just need a couple of extra pieces to finish off a project, or if you just want to see how the pieces from our T3 mould look before you buy, be sure to check them out.

We also added some great new pictures from Brian Zobel for his Arundel Goods Shed.  We actually received these pictures a while ago, but have just now gotten around to posting them.  The pictures illustrate a lot of good techniques including using a real building as inspiration and combining Linka with pre-fab plastic pieces.  Be sure to check out the pictures here.

November 19 - We added a new picture to our Gallery page under the "Timber" buildings section - A great log cabin made by Scott Goodman.

November 2 - We added a couple of links to our Linka Links page.  We also received some more positive feedback from our customers and posted it on our Customer Feedback page.

October 29 - We received four more  pictures and added them to our Gallery page, including this alternate view of the popular Stone Church.

October 26 - We received two pictures of an English railroad goods shed from Brian Zobel.  You can view them HERE and HERE and also on our Gallery page (look under the Brickwork examples).

October 16 - The contests have ended and the votes have been tallied.  The results are as follows:

Contest One - Best Linka Building Plans

First Prize -

Victorian Mansion

(Alan Potter - England)

Runner-Up -

Roman Mile Castle

(Jason Cotterill-Attaway – England)


Contest Two - Best Linka Construction

First Prize -


(Brian Zobel - England)

Runner-Up -

Village Church with Steeple

(Colin Pennycook – England)


Congratulations to all of our winners and a special thank you to all those who sent in contest entries.


You can still view the contest entries on this page as well as on the Gallery Page.

Some contestants submitted a few extra pictures of their projects.  During the contest we only posted one of each building.  Now that the contest is over, we've posted the extra unseen photos on our Gallery Page for everyone to enjoy!

October 13 - We just lowered our shipping charges (AGAIN!).  Now the cost for shipping is just $5 USD - World Wide!  Whether it's two moulds or two dozen moulds, down the street or down under, the cost is just $5 USD per shipment.

To make ordering even easier, we've also created two easy to use order forms - one for PayPal payments, and the other for payments by check or money order.  We want your experience to be as smooth and easy as possible here at Linka World where customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities.

As you may have noticed, we are also experimenting with retooling our Website (new colors and layout).  Let us know what you think with our Feedback form.

And of course, there's only ONE DAY LEFT to cast your vote in our Linka World contests.  Just click on the "Remember to Vote" link to the right.

October 1 - The contest is CLOSED!  We received a last minute entry for the "Best Building Plans" Contest and added it to the Contest page.  Voting has begun on the Linka Newsgroup.  Be sure to have a final look over the contest entries.  Then, just follow the link to the Newsgroup site and click on "Polls" to cast your vote.  Membership of the Yahoo Linka Buildings Newsgroup is required to access the polls.  Signing up is fast, free, and open to all so if you are not already a member, be sure to follow the link to the newsgroup and join now!


There are three polls - one to pick the Best Building Plans, one to pick the Best Linka Construction, and one to pick your top three favorite Linka Constructions (this will determine the runner-up for the Best Construction contest).  We also added a clarification to the contest rules explaining the method for determining the winners.

September 29 - Three more "Best Building" Contest entries. Remember, the deadline for sending in your entry is


Tuesday, September 30 at midnight EST.  Voting will commence the next day.  Submit your entries now or forever hold your peace!

September 28 - Another "Best Building" Contest entry.

September 26 - More Contest entries!  We received one entry for our "Best Building" contest and one more entry for our "Linka Plans" contest. 

September 24 - We received two more entries for the "Best Building" Contest.


We only have a few days left before the contest ends so, if you are planning on entering, please do so soon!

September 20 - We received our first entry for the "Linka Plans" contest.  You can see it on our Contest page.  The deadline for submissions is next Tuesday, September 30 at midnight so please submit your contest entries by then.  Voting will begin the next day on the Linka Newsgroup.  You must be registered to vote so please sign-up if you haven't done so already.


Our apologies to everyone who sent us e-mails between Thursday, Sept 18 and today.  Hurricane Isabelle knocked out power for a good portion of the eastern US (including Oakton, VA) so we were not able to check and respond to our e-mail until today.  Thank you all for your patience.

September 14 - Another entry for our "Best Linka Building" contest.  Check it out on our Contest page.


More good news with regard to shipping.  We've lowered the price of shipping to Canada from $6 USD to $5 USD to match our US order shipping rate.

September 10 - We received another Contest entry for best building.  Pictures are posted on the Contest page.


Also added another Plan Sheet for the Town Pub.


Added three more links on the Linka Links page for manufacturers of scale building parts and accessories suitable for use with Linka.

September 6 - We added a number of links to the Linka Links page.  We also revamped our Feedback Form, making it a general "Contact" form instead.  If you have an opportunity, please send us some of your comments and/or suggestions.


We also added our Privacy Statement just so you know where we stand on this important issue.

August 29 - We finally received our first contest entries - FOUR OF THEM!  We added them to the bottom of our Contest page.  There's still a month to go, so please continue to send in your entries.  We need pictures of your models as well as your plan designs.  If you are having difficulty converting your plans to electronic files, you can always mail us a copy.  We will scan it and make sure it's posted on the site in time (provided we receive it by the contest deadline - September 30).

August 27, 2003 - In response to numerous e-mails, we have decided to EXTEND THE CONTEST through September.  Apparently, we did not give you all enough time to order your moulds, build up some models, and draw some plans.  This means that the contest will now run through September 30, with voting to commence on October 1.  So now that you have an extra month, get going on those plans and buildings!  Remember, submit your entries to us.  Thanks for entering!



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