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On the Internet, reputation is everything.  We want our customers to be absolutely comfortable ordering from us and 100% satisfied with the products they receive.

That's why we established this Feedback Form where customers can rate their interactions with Linka World.

New customers can hear from others about our moulds and our customer service and existing customers can have a forum for their impressions of our products and service.

We invite all of our customers to send us their feedback (good or bad) by clicking here.  We will post your comments as soon as possible.



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Positive Feedback
  From Comments

Thomas from Ireland writes:

The delivery time was amazing to Ireland! The moulds are great quality; much softer than the originals which allows you have some casting runs which have zero cracks!


Alex from the UK writes:

What great service, less than a week for my order to reach the UK and the moulds look really clean and crisp.  I can't wait to start building, thanks Linkaworld.


Brian from the UK writes:

Wow! Impressive received my order today, fast reliable service.  You deliver quicker than some of the UK based companies.  Your prices are so reasonable as well as the prices now being asked on Ebay for example, are way over the top.  My advice, come to Linkaworld every time.


Michael from the UK writes:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  My order reached the UK within a week - with a hand written "thank you" from John!

Superb service, very helpful website and, the most important bit, brilliant moulds!  Cheaper, in my opinion, than some of the over inflated prices the originals are going for on ebay.  Why isn't every modeller buying from Linka World?!

Thanks again - I will definitely be ordering more.


Gary from New Zealand writes:

I have received my moulds in record time and I am enjoying once again working with this fine set (had one about 20 years ago as a child) currently working on a Lord of the Rings Castle theme and having loads of fun, if you come up with any other moulds I would Definitely buy them.


Patrick from Canada writes:

Originally I wrote the only negative comment that Linka World received.

My first negative comment was about the photocopied manual send with my moulds.  At the time there was no nice colourful resource to go to.  Now that the web site (Linka World) is filled out there is a great resource there to compliment the photocopied manual.  Yes I would still like a nice glossy book but what is available is good.

The manual was also offered to be replaced at no charge but I turned that down in light of waiting for the website to fill out.

The second and largest complaint was on how thin the moulds were.  I am used to working with Ĺ to 1 inch thick moulds and these seamed very thin.  However now that I have worked with them and exposed them to my most punishing work processes they have held up perfectly and I have not had the problems I imagined I would.

The mould that was warped on delivery was offered to be replaced right away and I have now taken care of that with the mould having been sent to me at no charge.



John from Ohio writes:

I ordered 2 molds to try out. We game a lot and I am looking into making some more modern style buildings. So far, I am very impressed with the molds and the level of detail on them. My very first cast broke, but that was my fault (One thing that differs between these and larger molded products, is you need to let the material dry before demolding). The second came out very well, the detail readily apparent.

I will definitely be ordering at least 1 of each in the coming weeks! Thanks for reviving the product and I wish you much success.


Walter from California writes:

Fast confirmation of my order and lightning fast shipping.  This system is so well designed that it gives unlimited creative possibilities.  It's truly an unique asset to my hobby.


Colin from the UK writes:

Received my order of moulds on Friday just 3 days after ordering which is quicker than I have received mail from within the UK, very impressive.


John from Pennsylvania writes:

The level of detail on these moulds is excellent.  I will be ordering another 5 shortly.  One thing I discovered is that they are NOT an "entry level" product: there is a learning curve involved.  After about 100-200 castings with a "rival" product (but in a much larger scale), it still took every trick in the book to make these work well.  Fortunately, the result is worth the effort.  (Linka World:  It's true that it takes some practice, but the learning curve is quick and once you get the hang of it, modeling with Linka is a breeze.  And as John says, "the result is worth it."  See our Basic Instructions and other "How To" files on the Using Linka page to get you started.)


Michael from the US writes:

Very happy with the quick shipment and the quality of the moulds.

I do have a few original moulds from 1978 to 1982 and cast pieces I found stored in my father's attic that were at least 10 to 15 years old made from the original moulds.  The pieces from the new moulds fit perfectly with the olds ones.

Casting pieces from the original and the new moulds now and you can't tell the difference between them.


Lee from the UK writes:

I have just read the negative comments about mould life on the feedback page.  For any one who is concerned about their moulds not lasting then fear not.  I have had a set of moulds since I was about 9 or 10.  I have used them a lot since that time.  I'm now 32.  The moulds are still in excellent condition and produce castings that are as good now as when I first got the box set for Christmas all those years ago.

I hope that this will dispell any fears on the quality of these great modelling tools.


Brian from South Wales writes:

Had a short time to run up some sets from your recently supplied molds they work great after a little "breaking"  time to get used to the features there is no stopping me well accept work maybe?.
Will be ordering more soon
Great product and first class support and staff well done.


Stuart from Australia writes:

I have just received my order of 16 moulds, and have to say they are excellent.  However,as is often the case whenever one buys something good, I would now like some more.


Richard from the UK writes:

Just a short note to let you know the 17 new moulds arrived and they look good.  The use of several colours is helpful as the "all green" originals are sometimes a bit hard to tell apart!


Phil from the UK writes:

What great molds you sent to me they are brilliant thank you for all your help.


Kai and Thomas from Germany write:

Thanks for the Linka Molds. The Parcel arrived today. The Molds are very fine. Best Regards.


Patrick from Canada writes:

Well I was going to put my comments on the feedback page but... it doesn't really fit there.  The feedback page is for the interaction with Linka World and I have to say the customer service and support have been exemplary.  (Linka World:  Customer presents two complaints which are recorded in the negative feedback section below.  Click here to read them.)


David from the UK writes:

I have just received the moulds.  They are fantastic!  I think they are possibly even sharper than the originals.  I'd like to order some more if I may...Thanks again, and keep up the good work.


Marc from the UK writes:

Don't take this the wrong way, but I had my fears - an internet order with someone I have never dealt with before, in the States.  I was nervous of being scammed.  This was also my first time "paypal".

However, I am soooo impressed.  The parcel arrived this morning, the moulds look excellent (not green like my originals, but who cares) and very good quality, and from looking at the post you have had to pay on shipping, the charge you made to me was more than reasonable.

I really hope that this venture worked out for you commercially, and I will definitely order more in the future...Thanks again for an excellent product and service - you are to be congratulated.


Tom from the US writes:

Just wanted to let you know that I received the order today! MAN, That was fast! I thank you very much! Worth the wait!

Negative Feedback (1)
Date From Comments
  Patrick from Canada writes:

There are two things I do have problems with.  The first is the smallest beef and that is the manual that was photocopied and sent out to me.  Now I know that I didn't pay anything for this and it was airmailed to my door free of charge but the text is not legible as the left inch and a half of each page did not come out.

The second and my biggest issue is how thin the moulds are ? not the final cast but the actual mould itself is very thin.  If they where thicker they would not suffer stretching and warping quite so much ? right out of the box one of my moulds was bent out of shape ? I know you want to stick to the original and keep the price down but I would pay three times as much for a mould twice as thick.  Especially with the level of customer service and speed of order processing you have.


Linka World:

We apologized and immediately offered to replace the mould which had warped during shipment.  We also offered to send another copy of the photocopied documents as well.  As for the thickness of the moulds, they are the same thickness as the originals and are quite durable.  We wanted to keep costs down as much as possible and so opted not to modify the original steel tooling to make them thicker.  Even still, they are durable and are expected to last many, many years under normal use.  By following our instructions, regular casting with plaster will NOT stretch, or distort our moulds.  Warping due to exposure to heat is a potential problem, but one that is easily overcome.  Simply lay the warped mould on a flat surface, fill the mould with plaster as usual, cover with a thin piece of sheet styrene, and place a heavy weight (e.g., a large book) on top of the mould to keep it flat.  The castings will come out clean and unwarped.


Follow-up from Patrick:

How do I edit my comments?  Now that I have worked with the product I donít find their thickness to be an issue.  Yes they are thinner than everything I have worked with before but it has not come up as a problem.  Read more...


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