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How to use Linka!

As well as some tips and advice for making great looking models.

Some documents on this site require Adobe Acrobat to view.  Download your free copy of Acrobat Reader here:


How to...

Basic Instructions

Advanced Techniques


Care & Cleaning

Choosing a Plaster

Basic Instructions

Cutting & shaping*

Painting & Weathering*


Covering/repairing a seam*

Casting Curved Pieces

Chimney breasts & stacks*

Bay windows & angled joints*

Raised walling - buttresses & plinths*


Tips and techniques*

Tunnel mouths & bridges*

Viaducts & cladding*

Combining Linka with other systems & Modeling from real life

The sections to the left are taken from the Linka Manual; a wonderful instruction booklet for new and experienced Linka users produced by the former Linka Systems.  Portions of it are reproduced here with permission.

Do you have a tip or suggestion you would like to share?  Submit your idea to us here.

Files with an asterisk (*) denote those "place-holder" instruction sheets scanned directly from the Linka Manual.  They will eventually be updated and replaced.

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