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Arundel Goods Shed

Courtesy of Brian Zobel

Brian Zobel's Arundel Goods Shed demonstrates a couple of good techniques when it comes to making buildings with Linka.  The first is simply a demonstration of how you can use the buildings around you as inspiration for your creations.

Here we can see the actual Arundel Goods Shed that served as the inspiration for this model next to the finished product:



Models based on real-world buildings can be challenging, but if you tackle the project step-by-step with a little planning and patience, your efforts will be rewarded.  The next series of pictures shows the goods shed under construction.

Note how the Linka castings have been augmented with plastic embossed brick card pieces.  This is a wonderful example of using Linka with other building systems.

And now the finished product:


Many thanks to Mr. Zobel for sharing his excellent model with us.


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